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ER Weed Express

ER Weed Express offers high-quality medicinal marijuana to patients in Los Angeles, California
suffering from various chronic disorders and physical bodily pains.


How can I order?

Sign up for a free account and then place your order online. Alternatively, you can send us an email.

How can I trust you?

While there are a number of scammers on the internet who claim to sell legal weed, we can assure you we aren’t one of them. We have spent years building a solid reputation amongst medical patients. We understand the needs of medical patients that may have trouble purchasing their medicine from a dispensary for any number of reasons and believe they shouldn’t be forced to have to buy illegally on the streets. We have made the decision to offer full access to our site to medical patients so they may have safe access to their medicine at any time.

Is smoking marijuana bad for my lungs?

Yes, studies show that the smoke can damage the lungs over time. While there aren’t any studies linked to the long-term effects, we do recommend moderation, as with everything worth enjoying in life.

Can the same strain have different effects on different people?

Yes, the same strains with the same amounts of THC will affect different people differently. Bodies don’t metabolize THC in the same way or in the same amount of time. Always treat every new strain or product as a new experience.

What if I get too high?

Drink cold water, find a comfortable spot to relax in, and try to go to sleep. Remember that it will pass. Next time, remember to go slow and low.

Will marijuana make my weight fluctuate?

Indica is known for increasing your appetite, while Sativa is known for decreasing your appetite. Cannabis itself does not make your weight change, but you may experience growing or diminishing hunger pangs.